TSAMPA Bio Energy Bar – Tasting Kit

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1 x Goji // 1 x Choco // 1 x Cacao Nibs // 1 x Espresso, 40 g each


Agriculture UE/non UE
DE-ÖKO-001 certified

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TSAMPA Tasting Kit
Try all the varieties! It is the perfect entry into the TSAMPA world. Try each one of our bars and find out your favorite flavour.

All the four existing varieties are available in the kit. Thus there is something for everyone whether it is crispy with the Cacao Nibs or fruity with the Goji berries.

You can find all the information about the individual bars under their respective product description.

The TSAMPA organic energy bars are real power packs! Due to their special combination of roasted barley and rice syrup, long-chain carbohydratres are produced. This provides the body with long-lasting energy and saturates.

TSAMPA Bars are versatile: they can be used for sport, a snack between meals and to fight against cravings.

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