It's TSAMPA o'clock!

The TSAMPA products are your constant companion for all your challenges. Find out here, when TSAMPA Energy Bars, Muesli, Flour and Healthy Grains help you!

TSAMPA for the morning

It's not every morning you have the time to eat an extensive and healthy breakfast. Sometimes it has to be quick and easy. TSAMPA provides you with a healthy and efficient snack in the morning! Rich in fiber and long-chain carbohydrates, it'll satisfy your appetite and provides you with long-lasting energy until your next meal.

TSAMPA Muesli for your breakfast

TSAMPA for the afternoon

TSAMPA is by your side in the fight against the afternoon down! Lunch is a while back and dinner is still a while ahead. Instead of reaching for sweets with short-chain carbohydrates that lead to cravings, reach for TSAMPA. With its balanced energy supply, TSAMPA supports a healthy blood glucose level and provides you with enough energy to master your tasks throughout the day.

TSAMPA at work

TSAMPA for Outdoor Activities

While traveling you need light and efficient food. Each extra gram in your luggage costs you strength. TSAMPA supports you on all your travels as a fiber-rich energy source with more than 3g of fibers in each bar. Whether you have TSAMPA in your hiking bag or in your pocket, it's always good to have it close at hand! All of this is possible without crumbs or having it melt away.

TSAMPA Outdoor

TSAMPA for Sports

TSAMPA delivers the energy you need to reach your sporting goals and ambitions. The sustained energy it provides you with makes it perfect for endurance sports such as cross-country skiing and running.  Thanks to the beta-glucans from the barley, the intestinal flora is supported which helps to prevent over-acidification of the stomach during the sport.

TSAMPA for sports
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