When deciding on where to manufacture our products we met with cooks, factories and small businesses. We realized that the quality of some ingredients can be worlds apart depending on how processed they are, like chocolate for example . Especially industrial resources and multiple processed ingredients elude our control. Therefore we pay attention to the origin of all ingredients and manufacture the bars freshly.
We have partnered with a bio-certified confectioner close to our office in Neukölln who has an excellent reputation for sustainably grown ingredients and production for over 20 years. Together, we can assure our customers they will be getting sustainable, high quality ingredients in our bars – without additives.


We pay close attention to the quality and origin of our ingredients. We obtain most of them directly from organic farmers and stores. We process only fresh, high-quality ingredients and avoid the use of artificial additives and preservatives. TSAMPA is under the supervision of the “Öko-Kontrollstelle” (control station): DE-ÖKO 034. This means that our ingredients and products are regularly checked to meet strict German quality control standards to ensure you the best quality.

Since our bars are handmade by us and our partner we have developed a sense for the right consistency, the optimum fruity taste of the berries, the perfect almond cream and so on. We see, feel and taste the quality of our ingredients before they are processed. This enables us to have a good feeling for the right bite, the balanced taste or the perfect consistency of our products. What we don’t know or haven’t extensively tested is not included in our TSAMPA recipes.


We do not use animal products for our TSAMPA energy bars. We much prefer the gentle roasted grains which is a great alternative raw food. All of our roasted grain energy bars are: bio-certified, vegan, lactose-free, without additives and without industrial sugar.

TSAMPA Choco Energy Bar

TSAMPA Energy Bar Choco

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