TSAMPA was founded with the idea of a healthy and natural energy bar. TSAMPA will support you at work, during sport or during an adventure without any frills. Let’s be honest, we are not the only ones who thought of creating an energy bar in 2016. But no one makes this claim more uncompromising. We do not limit our claim to energy bars, but are always looking for new products that can be made from roasted barley.
We are still at the beginning of our journey and we promise you that our products always correspond to the following standards:

No industrial sugar
No additives
No taste enhancer
Long-lasting energy
Long-lasting saturation

Who is the team that is stirring up the market with roasted barley and a lot of commitment?


Michaela Peschanel

Founder and sales manager

Michaela is a passionate cook and the mastermind of the TSAMPA energy bar! Her great strength is the flair for the right ingredients and the careful selection. If it won’t support the body, she won’t take it for our products. Because what will it help if it has no health benefits? This claim makes TSAMPA a healthy snack. In addition to her creative work, Michaela runs through Berlin and distributes the TSAMPA energy bars. Michaela likes to relax with her horse in the farm and enjoys nature on a horseback ride. Always by her side: a TSAMPA Energy Bar!


Domenico Varuzza

Founder and CEO

Domenico is the Dolce Vita in our office! Well dressed, always a little late for meetings, and yet no one can be mad at him. He is the Michelangelo of numbers. He solves our numerical requirements while sleeping and creates artistic pivot charts. Domenico builds up the business foundation of TSAMPA and is always thinking of new ideas. In addition, he is always present at start-up conventions in Berlin. Through this, he gets to know the latest developments at first hand. Just the typical things you do as a manager.
Outside the office you can meet him in pizzerias. Because as a Neapolitan, he takes his passion for pizza very seriously!


Heinrich Schultz


Heinrich brings the charm of the coast to the office. With precise answers and a small breeze of irony, he promotes TSAMPA and works in marketing. Besides creating adverts and updating our TSAMPA blog, Heinrich makes sure that TSAMPA is represented at the trade fairs in Berlin and in Germany. When he is not hightlighting the benefits of TSAMPA, he can be found on the basketball courts of Berlin.

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Fax: +49 30 88786990
Weisestr. 36, 12049 Berlin