TSAMPA Bio Energy Bar – Mix Box (4 flavours – 10 bars)

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3 x Cacao Nibs // 3 x Choco // 2 x Espresso // 2 x Goji, 40 g each

EU / non-EU farming
DE-ÖKO-001 certified

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TSAMPA Energy Bar Mix Box

The TSAMPA Mix Box is your supply of healthy energy! It contains two bars of each of our five TSAMPA varieties and it will support you in all your activities, whether working, studying or hiking. Convenient and light, the bars are easily carried and ready to be eaten. Our box can also be a nice surprise as a gift!

TSAMPA – the clever snack between meals

It’s important to have the right food supply for the day since you tend either not to eat enough or to help yourself with snacks through the day. Especially in the latter case, cravings always appear as people often eat sweets that contain short-chain carbohydrates. Short-chain carbohydrates are absorbed quickly by the body which consumes them quickly. The body does not feel saturated, so people tend to eat more sweets. This results in cravings and people strive to remain focused.

In contrast, TSAMPA is composed of long-chain carbohydrates, which are absorbed more slowly by the body. Thus it provides the body with energy supply for a longer time. Moreover, the feeling of hunger is stopped because the slow digestion of long-chain carbohydrates leaves you feeling full. Your concentration and your work improve since you can concentrate on what is important!

All five varieties are represented in the Mix box with two bars of each flavour. Therefore there is something for everyone whether you are wanting a crispy texture with the Cacao Nibs or a fruity flavour with the Goji berries.

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Box of 10 bars, Display of 20 bars